Movie review

hello everyone, here’s my first ever movie review and there’s no better movie to start with than “AVENGERS-AGE OF ULTRON”. True to the tradition set by the first movie of the franchise, it’s full of comedy, perfect dialogue, good acting and somewhat realistic action scences (unlike fast 7). The voice of ULTRON was nailed perfectly by James spadder (from the t.v series BLACKLIST and if you don’t watch that pls get a life!). Not to give any spoilers it’s a must watch for movie lovers as Chris Hemsworth( THOR), Jeremy Renner(Hawkeye), scarlet Johansson(blackwidow) and Robert Downey jr(iron man) all brought this movie to life. Movie rating 4/5

memoirs of a shrink (epd2)

dear dairy, 

Monday, another week. Got to work early today cause i need to settle in first before clients arrive. A lot of people talk about the blues, but not me. I absolutely love what I do. 

But before I could even adjust my seat a young lady came in asking for attention. I sat down, putting on my concerned face and asked her to go on. 

She appeared gloomy and quite hesitant but ultimately summoned up the courage to talk. She took a huge sigh and i noticed a tear trickle down her left eye. Yes dairy she was sad.

“Doctor!” She said, “I’m loosing control over my life.” She told me how she was a 33year old lady who had been married for about 10years and had put her life and resources into her marriage. She had resigned from a lucrative job in the bank to become a full house wife on her husband’s request. She had also dropped her ambitions to further her education to raise the kids and be at home with them. “Doctor my husband has moved out of the house”. She said amidst tears. “He’s moved on to another woman abroad a month ago with our life savings.” At this point my concerned face changed into confusion. 

Now she is often cries, worry and would barely sleep. She also had stopped enjoying things of interest and she ultimately is holding on to thoughts to end her life. “I don’t know how I’m going to cope with two children.” “I have no job,no money,no support” “I can’t leave like this!” 

I look at her with empathy and tried to calm her down. Social factors is one major contributors to depression. A lot of people in this region don’t even think it’s a disorder. 

After hours of talk, I told her she was going to need medication and more therapy to help her build her self esteem and confidence. I could see a bright smile by the time I had finished talking to her. She had a sudden awareness of hope and realized it was not all dark and gloomy. She thanked me and left the room to buy her medication at the pharmacy.

As she walked away I felt some contentment and relief.I soliloquized “another soul helped today”. “The world surely does need psychiatrist”. Then again I remembered the moto at my place of work,”if things don’t go right, you can always go left”

Memoirs of a shrink 

Memoirs of a shrink 

Dear dairy, it’s a new year. The very incunabula. I’m not much of a writer, nor am I steadfast in keeping journals.
Trying something new shouldn’t be bad after all. At least the purpose of life is giving meaning to it. Maybe I could do that with this medium.
So where do I start? Ah yes! Think I’ll start with the question people put to me everyday, “why mental health?!” 
Some times I do ask myself too, “Why would a single, young guy with good potential in other areas of medicine want to specialize in the job that’s most stigmatized in the land?”. “Isn’t that quite grotesque?!”
Yet I feel no regret for being a shrink. In fact I think I was born to do this. I have since developed my own special power..”my shrink sense”.
Dear dairy, as I’ve come to discover, there’s a thin line between what’s normal and what’s termed abnormal. My sojourn has made me realize the difference is in frequency and duration of any behavior. 
A vast majority of people are quite abecedarian about mental health. They all think that it’s only people walking naked on the streets that need to see a psychiatric doctor.
They are all engrossed with the stigma associated with coming into a mental health hospital even when they know they need treatment.
Where an average number of people fall into in the Gaussian curve is termed normal, the so called “area under the curve”. You fall outside it, then you’re abnormal.
Let’s say most people sleep for 8-10 hours at night. If you sleep for 6 hours or 13 hours then it’s unusual or well “abnormal”. This is the definition of abnormal statistically.
However like I said, duration and frequency makes it more evident as a problem. That is, how often you do something and how long you’ve been doing it will make it abnormal. 
It can be an abrupt change or even protracted.
This is usually noticed when the individual deviate from their usual self. He used to sleep for 10hours, now he only sleeps for 4hours and it had started 3weeks ago. That is an example of an abrupt change. 
She’s always never been in tune with the law since adulthood. She always gets into trouble and would fight everyone. That’s a protracted problem.
Dear dairy, how can I pass on an opportunity to understand the human mind? To make people understand a lot the decisions they make is largely a part of who they are and their environment.
To make them understand the difference between them and other people around them. Helping them understand that mental health is the very essence of life.
So dairy, when asked the question “why mental health?” I often reply “why not mental health?”.